We are a group of mad keen cyclists living in and around Lara, Victoria. We ride for fun, fitness, enjoyment and a cup of coffee!  

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Although not a race, we do get competitive at times. We welcome any like minded cyclists to join us.  

Generally, we begin our 35km weekday ride at 6:00am, meeting at Rod's Bakery, near Six Ways at Lara, finishing off with coffee at Rod's before heading off to our workday. On weekends, our rides are longer - from 45 to 100 km and start 7:00 am, same meeting place. We generally confirm exact details via the Facebook Page on the evening before.  

Check the Facebook Page for updated ride information.  

We always welcome new members, to help with the work at the front of the peloton and will gladly let you know where the sprint points are up for grabs (usually after passing the finish line!)

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